About Us

The South Island Alliance enables the region's five DHBs to work collaboratively to develop more innovative and efficient health services than could be achieved independently. By using our combined resources to jointly solve problems, we are better positioned to respond to changes in the technology and demographics that will have a significant impact on the health sector in the coming years.

Together we will be able to achieve better health outcomes for the people of the South Island. Our vision is a sustainable South Island health and disability system – best for people, best for system. The Alliance is focused on keeping people well and providing equitable and timely access to safe, effective, high-quality services, as close to people’s homes as possible. Bringing together the region’s five DHBs, along with primary care, aged residential care, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and consumers, the Alliance enables us to work collaboratively towards a sustainable South Island health and social system.

The South Island population is growing by approximately 14,000 people per year, and has dispersed communities and rurality, geographical barriers, pockets of very high population growth and areas with significant older populations. These all present challenges to the way we provide services. Some of these challenges were further highlighted by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Strong relationships have been forged through the Alliance, enabling stakeholders to overcome past barriers. An extensive number of projects sit amongst a huge range of service improvement, training and development and efficiency processes that are all proving we can provide better health services for our community by working collaboratively.