Alliance Structure


South Island Alliance Board

The Governance Board is made up of the five DHB Chairs. Their primary role is to set the strategic focus for the Alliance. In practical terms, this means overseeing and approving the annual South Island Health Service Plan, considering any changes to the scope of priorities and activities, and monitoring the performance of the Alliance.

South Island Alliance Leadership Team

While the Governance Board focuses on the strategic direction of the Alliance, the Leadership Team oversees the day-to-day Alliance activities. The Leadership Team is made up of four South Island DHB CEOs (West Coast and Canterbury share a single CEO). Their role is to prioritise Alliance activity and agree on Alliance objectives; allocate resources and funding; monitor outcomes and inform the community and stakeholders; and maintain a high level of engagement between the Alliance and DHBs.

Work Programmes (Service Level Alliances and Workstreams)

DHBs recognised the need for focused effort to gain momentum in achieving collaborative outcomes. Using the alliance approach of gathering clinicians, managers, sector stakeholders and consumer advocates, Service Level Alliances were established to collaborate on specific topics. There are currently six Service Level Alliances, and another being established this year, each with a work plan focused on integrating services, sharing ideas and implementing initiatives across the South Island. The range of activity of the Service Level Alliances is vast, spanning from the introduction of multi-million dollar information systems, to gathering more robust data, to rolling out training for a new model of care. The Service Level Alliances report to the Alliance Leadership Team and each has a facilitator employed in the Alliance Programme Office to administer and drive activity.

Regional Activities

As well as the Service Level Alliances, there are a number of regional workstreams that bring together DHB staff to improve processes in a number of specialised areas. Though less formalised, these groups are also having great success in streamlining systems and sharing ideas for service improvement.

South Island Alliance Programme Office

Headed by a General Manager, the Programme Office provides a hub around which the Alliance can operate. The Programme Office assists the various Alliance groups with administration and supports their work and activities through the facilitators.