An Intersectoral Approach To Planning Future Health Outcomes

13 Oct 2016

Attendees take part in discussion during the South Island Alliance planning workshop in September.

The South Island’s approach to intersectoral collaboration was recognised by the Ministry of Health’s Jill Bond at the South Island Alliance’s recent planning workshop. Jill abandoned her prepared presentation and opted instead to address the audience informally, as guest speaker at the annual event.

The workshop was held in September to discuss and plan progress towards improving health outcomes for the South Island population and was facilitated by Carol Atmore, Chair of the South Island Strategic Planning and Integration Team (SPaIT). Other guest speakers included directors of the South Island’s Children’s Teams and the health lead from the Social Investment Unit.

The opportunities and challenges of an intersectoral approach were discussed, and the Chair and facilitator of each Service Level Alliance/Workstream also had a chance to talk about their achievements, as well as current and future projects. The eight South Island Alliance posters and the video produced as a finalist for the Award for Assuring Quality of Healthcare Standards (Team/Organisation), as part of the 2016 APAC Forum, were also showcased.

From left: Carolyn Gullery (SPaIT), David Meates (Alliance Leadership Team), Jill Bond (Ministry of Health) and Carol Atmore (SPaIT Chair).

“The workshop was a fantastic opportunity to get together as a team, as well as with our collaborative partners to discuss and share our approaches for the year ahead – and further into the future,” says South Island Alliance General Manager, Jan Barber.

“It was also a chance to talk about working with social sector agencies to achieve better health and social outcomes. It helped us to understand how far we have come as a region in working together over the past five years, as well as to see where we need to be going next as we work towards our goal of making a difference for the people of the South Island.”

The South Island Alliance enables the region’s five DHBs to work collaboratively to develop more innovative and efficient health services than could be achieved independently. The vision is for a sustainable South Island health and disability system – best for people, best for system.




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