Congratulations eHealth IT All Stars: Ryan Papps And Aleisha Whitehead

25 May 2020

Congratulations to the recently announced eHealth IT All Stars, not least to our own all-round superstars Ryan Papps and Aleisha Whitehead.

As part of the COVID-19 response, Ryan, a programme specialist with the South Island Alliance Programme Office (SIAPO), developed a daily ICU dashboard for South Island DHBs and infographic summary of the national COVID-19 picture.

The dashboard is largely an extension of the regional ICU capacity dashboard established last year but includes additional information not consistently available electronically across all sites (such as ventilated, isolated or high acuity patients, as well as staffing levels). Ryan had been working with the regional ICU group since July 2019 and his relationships with key stakeholders and the trust he had developed were critical in getting manual data entered every day to complete the dashboard.

Ryan also set up an infographic summary of the national COVID-19 picture (example below), with an additional focus on South Island information. This was initially included in the daily ICU updates but quickly gathered a larger audience as a ‘one-pager’ of useful information covering the national picture.

Ryan was nominated as an eHealth IT All Star by Janice Donaldson, on behalf of the South Island ICU Project Group. Aleisha, portfolio quality assurance lead at SIAPO, was also acknowledged for the support she provided to the SIAPO team during the COVID-19 response. The team needed the ability to facilitate meetings, collaborate and communicate effectively from their homes all over the South Island. For consistency and ease of use, Microsoft Teams was chosen as the single solution for all Alliance meetings.

While working remotely and facilitating virtual meetings was familiar to some, there was still a lot of technical support required get the whole team up and running. Aleisha’s time, patience and perseverance in this area was invaluable. Aleisha was nominated by Mark Leggett, SIAPO General Manager.

Ryan’s daily Covid-19 infographic

Published on: Monday, May 25th, 2020, under Information services, Telehealth