Guest Editorial Hilary Exton Chair Of The South Island Directors Of Allied Health Forum

21 Dec 2017

Hilary Exton, Chair of the South Island Director of Allied Health Forum

Tēnā koutou

The Regional Allied Health Team has been working hard to further our Best for People, Best for System approach. Throughout 2017, we have established a number of initiatives, working towards our South Island Alliance vision.

Regional leadership networks have been established for speech and language therapy, and audiology. These networks facilitate sharing of ideas, professional development and peer support. They have been successful in enabling the teams to focus on priority developments and we intend to extend these leadership networks further.

The New Zealand Certificate of Health and Wellbeing (Level 3) has, over the last few years, been implemented for allied health assistants, and is now sustainable across the region.  This team effort has resulted in 68 allied health assistants achieving this standard, with a further 25 in training across five DHBs. The assistants have achieved a recognised, national qualification, resulting in improved care.

The Calderdale Framework has been progressively rolled out. The framework is clinician led, people focused, and aims to identify skill sharing between health professionals and delegation of clinical tasks to the most appropriate workforce, within a clear governance framework.

Within the South Island, the implementation has resulted in eight credentialed facilitators with a further 18 having almost completed their training. In addition, support for the Central Region has resulted in 12 trainees.

Over 250 health professionals have attended successful workshops, and regional support systems have been established, with the aim of integrating the Calderdale Framework within the workplace. This is an exciting development. We are already seeing benefits in the form of clinician-led changes of models of care. Examples include:

  • in-home falls prevention programmes
  • work based education for support workers in the community
  • ‘move more sit less’ within a rehabilitation inpatient setting
  • ensuring that current delegation activities to our kaiāwhina workforces have the appropriate governance in place.

Research is underway as we continue to ensure the Best for People, Best for System approach. This year, the Regional Workforce Hub and Directors of Allied Health also focused on the allocation of Health Workforce New Zealand funding. This collaborative and flexible approach has been undertaken with a commitment to coordinate training placements for clinical physiology, anaesthetic technicians, clinical psychology, sonography, medical physicists and radiotherapy, and has included support for a new paediatric sleep technologist role. 

Finally, on behalf of the Directors of Allied Health, we wish you all a happy holiday and thank all the many allied health, scientific, technical professionals and kaiāwhina workforces for their significant contribution to our South Island vision.

Hilary Exton, Chair of the South Island Director of Allied Health Forum


Published on: Thursday, December 21st, 2017, under Workforce Development Hub