Leadership Changes For The Palliative Care Workstream

28 Feb 2019

From left: Palliative Care Facilitator Jo Hathaway, Dr Kate Grundy, and the new Palliative Care Workstream Chair Dr David Butler.

Palliative Care Workstream champion Dr Kate Grundy has stepped down from her role as Chair of the group, which she has expertly steered since it was established in 2014. Fortunately, Kate has agreed to stay on in the group and is already eyeing up her next project to improve palliative care services in the South Island. Dr David Butler, who joined the group in November 2016, has bravely stepped up to fill Kate’s shoes and become the new Chair.

David, currently Clinical Leader at Otago Community Hospice, completed medical school at Medical College of Wisconsin (USA) and certified in three specialities: palliative and hospice medicine, adult internal medicine and paediatrics. David’s previous experiences range from work as a GP, to Director of a Hospital Medicine Group, to Executive Medical Director of a large Hospice/Palliative Medicine Program in the USA.

“On the heels of Kate’s departure from the Chair role, I would like to thank her for her leadership and service over the past five years,” David says. “Kate’s passion, commitment, energy and institutional knowledge, surrounding all topics related to palliative care delivery in the South Island, will be difficult to replace and sorely missed.”

Published on: Thursday, February 28th, 2019, under Palliative Care