Merry Christmas From Our Gm

21 Dec 2017

I’ve had the privilege of being involved in the Alliance for around six months now, and I continue to be impressed with the breadth and depth of the programme work and the level of collective endeavour that is evident in the workstreams and service level alliances. I’m also proud of the work of the programme office, given the geographical reach and relationship management required to support the activity of five DHBs working collaboratively.

It’s a unique working style and the team meets that challenge very well. The recent refresh of the Alliance’s strategy framework has delivered a range of working principles that will guide how the relationships are expected to work and how services are planned and developed.

The South Island Alliance Programme Office enjoy a game of lawn bowls at their staff Christmas party this week.

The strategy will be shared widely in the New Year, and we’re about to work with the various service level alliances and workstreams to map their workplans against the strategy. This will enable us to review the workplan resourcing and focus on the priorities that have been raised by the Alliance leadership for the next one to two years.

In brief, we acknowledge the longer term pieces of work, but we’re now also focusing on a small range of priorities that include vulnerable children, advance care planning, acute demand management, and a new focus on ensuring that we manage data into information that can support regional planning and activity. The New Year will bring a range of new challenges, and as I look around new (and some old) colleagues, it seems that the South Island health system is ready for it.

All the best for a great Christmas and New Year break.

Mark Leggett, General Manager, South Island Alliance Programme Office.

Published on: Thursday, December 21st, 2017, under General