Microsoft Teams The New Solution For Alliance Meetings


25 May 2020

Organising meetings for more than 80 Alliance work groups across the South Island is no small feat. Over the course of a year, that’s hundreds of meetings for over 1000 people – consumers, clinicians, health professionals and leaders across the South Island health and social system.

Alliance meetings are held virtually and face-to face, using a variety of digital solutions to accommodate our broad and widespread membership. During the Covid-19 response, as the SIAPO team switched to working from home, we also needed to switch to a single virtual meeting solution – to avoid confusion, provide better support and enable better online collaboration.

As part of the regional roll out of Office 365, Microsoft Teams became available for us all to use and has since been adopted as the single  solution for all our Alliance meetings.

While we still accommodate other technologies where required, Teams is our preferred option. It has simplified our job of hosting meetings immensely and enhanced the way we work together across the South Island health system. We would like to thank all our colleagues who joined us in this transition.

During the pandemic response period, within Canterbury DHB:

Here are some of the benefits our team has found:

When we’re back in the office, we’re also expecting Teams to spell the end of manoeuvring bulky video conferencing equipment between rooms and floors of our building, hunting for missing cables and controls, and begging for tech support.

  • Alliance group members experiencing issues with Teams or wanting more information should contact the relevant group facilitator.

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