More Electronic Growth Records For South Islanders

31 Aug 2017

Over 34,000 patients have been entered into an electronic solution to track body measurements from birth to death since regional implementation last year. The solution, Anthropometrics (or eGrowth Charts), enables patients’ key body measurements to be captured electronically and clinicians to enter and view the information easily.

The system has received significant positive feedback across the South Island and is part of an initiative to replace paper-based forms, reduce errors, and improve access to growth records of children and babies – in particular those moving between DHBs. Professor Barry Taylor collaborated with Lance Elder, Solution Architect at Southern DHB, to create the tool in 2011. It has been used in Southern DHB since it was created six years ago and the South Island Alliance supported the roll out across the region in June 2016.

Lance says as usage steadily increased, further enhancements and refinements have been made based on clinician feedback. “We’ve added a number of useful additions and made a few more tweaks to make it even more user-friendly, such as changing the boundaries of some of the graphs to improve the display and adding other calculations to the tool, such as head circumference.”

Following regional implementation a year ago, DHBs are taking it up at an expected rate based on their populations, Barry says. “We hope to have version two of the growth charts live in the near future, after we’ve worked through getting the enhancements exactly right.” The aim was to develop a tool that provides comparisons and was easy to follow without the need for instructions. “It’s simple, easy to use and fits into the workplace,” he says. “It was designed with what I require as a paediatrician in mind – designed by clinicians, for clinicians.”


Published on: Thursday, August 31st, 2017, under Child health, Information services