New Group Targets Child And Adolescent Diabetes Care In The South Island


21 May 2015

A new working group has been established which brings together a team of professionals from the South Island health sector with a focus on child and adolescent diabetes care.

The aim of this group is to improve care across the South Island for young people with diabetes, in particular Type 1 diabetes.  Its establishment is part of a wider strategy overseen by the South Island Alliance’s Child Health group to establish a Regional approach to diabetes service planning, and to achieve consistency in standards and provision of diabetes care.

The group will produce a work plan that will align with strategies already in place – such as those being delivered by the National Clinical Network for Children and Young People with Diabetes.

Members of the group met for the first time in April, recruited from the five South Island DHBs and primary care providers, plus a consumer representative, to discuss the terms of reference, and identify any professional gaps within the group’s membership.

Dr David Barker, Clinical Leader for Children’s Health Southern District Health Board and Chair of the Child Health South Island Alliance Group said, “We are thrilled to be able to bring together a group with expert knowledge of issues relating to diabetes care in a new forum to enable work across the region. This will help to ensure that young diabetes patients receive high quality, accessible and equitable care.”

The group plan to meet monthly. For more information about the group contact


For more information contact

Anna Dorsey


Published on: Thursday, May 21st, 2015, under Child health