New South Island Alliance Vision Underscores Public Health Work

10 Dec 2013

The South Island Alliance’s Public Health Partnership (PHP), which draws together the three South Island Public Health Units (PHU) to work collaboratively on regional issues, has been buoyed by the recent change to the South Island Alliance vision that puts emphasis on people – inclusive of communities – in contrast to a focus on patients.

PHP Chair Dr Marion Poore said she was delighted with the new Alliance Framework which embraces improving population health as a core aim of health services.

“From our perspective the community we work with is by and large healthy. So it is important that the three SI PHUs continue to work collaboratively to keep our SI population as healthy as possible by creating and protecting healthy environments.”

“The revised vision highlights increased awareness of the importance of the wider environment in which we live and work, recognising that factors outside of the immediate health system impact on our health,” she said.

This point was expressed in the South Island Alliance Programme Office’s (SIAPO) presentation at the recent Alliance workshop. 

“We should be making decisions for our South Island population, not just the individual patient.  This revised framework brings the population health factors into the framework in a more visible way,” said SPaIT chair David Tulloch.

The PHP also aligns well with two of the alliance’s goals of population health and sustainability, working in tandem with the third goal, the experience of care.

Published on: Tuesday, December 10th, 2013, under Public Health Partnership