Child Health

The close collaboration of child health professionals working via the Child Health Service Level Alliance (CHSLA) is helping to deliver a better, more efficient health service for children, young people and their families living in the South Island. The CHSLA is driving initiatives designed to ensure children and their families can easily access the best services possible, in a timely way, to improve their overall health and social service outcomes. There are three key focus areas:

  • Growing up healthy: responding to national strategies for improving children's health outcomes and preventing child abuse
  • Youth Health: responding to the Prime Minister’s Youth Mental Health Project
  • Access to Child Services: supporting innovation, good practice and equity based on the Children’s Commissioner’s Equity report.

Taken together, this work is set to contribute to improved outcomes in many measures of child health and wellbeing including Sudden Unexpected Death in Infants and increased awareness in safe sleep practices,  implementing the NZ children’s action plan to support vulnerable children and their families, reducing unnecessary admissions to hospital for children and improved access to primary care health services for young people.


What we are working on:


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