Child and Young Person Health Reports

Since 2011 the South Island Child Health Alliance has commissioned the New Zealand Child and Youth Epidemiology Service at the University of Otago to undertake annual reports on various aspects of child health in the South Island.

Former chair of the Child Health Service Level Alliance Dr David Barker said the reports provide evidence to support decisions about new programmes and initiatives. “This is baseline data on the overall picture of child and youth health in our region.  It is a strong foundation which we can use to help identify areas that need intervention and help guide us as we shape services.  It is also invaluable as a reference for further analysis.”

While taking an overview snapshot of the situation, each report also has several ‘in-depth topics’ investigating particular issues such as models of primary care or mental health, that were identified as areas that further work can be done. “These are weighty reports, but they are an amazing resource as we work to improve our services.  I encourage people to use and refer to them, so that as we move forward as a region, decisions are based on data and evidence.”

For ease of finding information, the reports have been divided into chapters. Just click on the link below, then select what topic you would like to view.