eMedicines is a suite of IT solutions that is improving and providing greater accuracy of medication management
across the South Island health sector.

How it works

The suite, which includes MedChart, an Electronic Prescribing and Administration solution, enables clinicians and nursing staff to electronically chart patients’ medications, removing the risk of handwriting being misinterpreted and allows nursing staff to administer and record medications electronically, resulting in a reduction in errors.

This is improving patient safety and the quality of health delivery across the South Island.

eMedicines is standardising the prescribing and administration of medicines throughout South Island hospitals, and is starting to connect with other new and innovative projects from the South Island Alliance Information Services.

These initiatives are not only integrating with each other, but they also connect to wider regional programmes including eReferrals and Health Connect South. 




In the news

The roll-out of a regional Electronic Prescribing and Administration system for Inpatient Services is being led by Southern DHB across its three core hospitals. Read more here.


It includes...

  • Electronic Prescribing and Administration - MedChart
  • Electronic Medicines Reconciliation
  • ePharmacy Management.
  • ePharmacy and ePrescribing interface with the New Zealand
    Universal List of Medicines and the New Zealand Formulary.