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17 Jul 2019: RSPI will make more digital connections across the South Island


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The Regional Service Provider Index (RSPI) is the South Island part of a joint Ministry of Health project to upgrade and extend the national Health Provider Index (HPI).  



Our health workforce is growing in size and complexity. To ensure the safety of our communities and to support a smart, integrated South Island health system, our systems need accurate and up-to-date information about who works where, doing what and with whom.

The solution

The HPI is the national database that holds information about health providers for use in clinical systems such as Éclair and Comrad. 

Upgrading and extending the HPI, will provide us with more categories to use and enable us to include the non-registered workforce. 

As a result, our clinical and non-clinical systems will contain more complete, accurate and up-to-date information about the South Island health sector – who works where, doing what and with whom.

In the South Island, this programme of work is being led by the Information Services Service Level Alliance (ISSLA).


South Island Alliance project team

Sharyn Kilgour-Lloyd
Programme manager   


Maren Harford
Senior business analyst