South Island Patient Information Care System

The South Island Patient Information Care System (SI PICS) is the South Island’s new regional patient administration and information system.

It is being configured and implemented by all five South Island DHBs and will enable a more streamlined patient journey through the South Island health system – between hospitals, primary care and community care providers.


SI PICS will be used to manage inpatient activities and outpatient appointments, waiting lists, admissions and discharges, and alerts and allergies. It will provide a single record of patient activity.

SI PICS will replace eight non-integrated patient administration systems (PAS) currently in use across the South Island, and will include new functionality to enable even greater integration of clinical and administrative functions in a way not previously possible. It will simplify processes for staff and provide patients with a more efficient health care service now and in the future.

SI PICS is being led by the South Island Information Services Service Level Alliance (ISSLA). The system is being configured from an existing Orion Health product and is designed to evolve over time, with additional functionality being added in cycles.

Regional implementation

Canterbury was the first DHB to begin implementation of SI PICS – the first phase coincided with the opening of the new Burwood facility in June 2016. It has since been implemented across Nelson Marlborough DHB and further Canterbury DHB sites.

The aim is that by the end of 2020 all five South Island DHBs will be looking at the same screen and accessing the same information across the region.

Benefits of SI PICS
Stella Ward, Canterbury DHB

Meet the teams

The five South Island DHBs are configuring and implementing SI PICS together, with extensive input from clinicians and administrators, and in collaboration with system provider Orion Health