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Palliative care survey reports

During 2015 and 2016 the Palliative Care Workstream undertook five surveys to ascertain the status of palliative care across the South Island and what progress has been made towards the implementation of the Resource and Capability Framework for Adult and Palliative Care Services in New Zealand (2013). The first two surveys examined specialist palliative care services and three further surveys explored the provision of “primary palliative care” across the wider health system. The groups surveyed here were: DHB Planning and Funding, Aged Residential Care and Primary Health Organisations. We are delighted to be in a position to publish the full suite of reports on the SIA website. Our thanks to SPaIT for their support and guidance during this very lengthy process and to all those of you who assisted us with providing your information and your time by completing the surveys:

Hospital palliative care (April 2016)

Hospice services (July 2016)

Aged Residential Care (May 2017)

Primary Health Organisations (August 2017)

DHB planning and funding (November 2017, amended March 2018)

Primary Palliative Care Executive Summary (March 2018)

Summary of findings and next steps (May 2018)


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