Southern Cancer Network

The Southern Cancer Network is now a regional hub of Te Aho o Te Kahu, Cancer Control Agency. 
You can read more about this transition here.


Key Messages from Recent Meetings

The South Island Cancer Consumer Group, Te Waipounamu Maori Leadership Group and South Island Psychological & Social Support  Steering Groups have recently met and endorsed the following key messages:

South Island Psychological & Social Support 

Te Waipounamu Maori Leadership group

South Island Cancer Consumer Group


SCN Quarterly Newsletter

The SCN update for Q4 is now available - click here to view!

Our purpose

Cancer is the single biggest cause of death in New Zealand. Many of us will have some experience of it, either personally or through whānau or a friend. More people are developing cancer, mainly because the population is growing and getting older. Many cancers can be cured if they’re found and treated in time. It is estimated that in New Zealand, about 1 person in every 3 who gets cancer is cured. Even if the cancer cannot be cured, more effective treatment means many people are now living longer.

The SCN works collaboratively to reduce the incidence of cancer and to reduce inequities of access, care and outcomes for cancer patients. By implementing the aims of the New Zealand Cancer Action Plan, our aim is to reduce the impact of cancer on the South Island community.

Our work is guided by the New Zealand Cancer Action Plan 2019-2029 which sets out the cancer-related programmes, activities and services that will be implemented across the country over the next ten years. It also signals potential future initiatives. 

The plan is guided by three overarching principles:

  • Equity-led
  • Knowledge driven
  • Outcomes focussed.

We work with the district health boards (DHBs), a range of providers and consumers to co-ordinate services across health providers at all levels and ensure integration of services where appropriate.

Our stakeholders represent and work across different components of the cancer continuum: South Island DHBs, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), GPs and primary health organisations (PHOs), cancer service providers, cancer consumers and their family / whānau, hospices and research organisations. We work collaboratively with our stakeholders to plan and co-ordinate services in line with national standards of treatment. .

The work of the Network could not occur without the expertise, goodwill and collaborative spirit of our stakeholders and we thank you for your ongoing support.

More information on cancer in New Zealand, and support resources, are available on the Ministry of Health website.