Colonoscopy projects in the South Island are led by the clinical directors. There are three areas of focus: 

Consistent access and processes across the South Island

  • Consistent HealthPathways and their use for primary to secondary referrals: colonoscopy, CT colonography, bowel screening
  • More standardardised access to CT colonography
  • Consistent, transparent prioritisation of referrals and scheduling of procedures, using national Referral Guidelines for Direct Access to Colonoscopy and CT Colonography, updated 2015, and categories 2 and 3 for familial indications
  • Delegated triage
  • Pooled lists for all indicators, unless expertise dictates a particular scopist
  • Minimisation of follow up appointments post-colonoscopy unless there is a management-changing decision to be made
  • Agreed standards and audit processes

Supporting DHBs to meet the three colonoscopy waiting times indicators: urgent, semi-urgent, surveillance

  • Understanding capacity and demand to maximise resource use, give patients certainty and value their time
  • Standardise surveillance times in line with the Referral Guidelines
  • Investigate standardised polyp management with common protocols

Planning for the future rollout of the national bowel screening programme