Stroke Services

The Stroke Services Workstream is focused on ensuring that improvements are made in the provision of acute and rehabilitation stroke services delivered across the South Island.  Stroke is a common disorder with serious consequences for the patient, their family and for communities. In New Zealand stroke remains the single biggest cause of major disability and is the third greatest cause of death.

The workstream’s priorities are informed by the ‘Australian Living Stroke Guidelines’ - a world-first, online, dynamically updating summary of stroke evidence to guide clinical practice and policy development.

Time is a major factor in outcomes for patients who have had a stroke – it is important they receive medical attention quickly to minimise the ongoing effects of a stroke. Therefore, the Stroke Workstream is implementing rapid response guidelines for patients suspected of having a stroke, along with clear pathways to diagnosis and treatment.

The greatest impact on a patient’s health and well-being is from long-term consequences faced when stroke survivors leave the hospital stroke service. Optimal recovery requires the provision of coordinated rehabilitation, including the early stages of acute treatment and in-hospital rehabilitation as well as home and community based rehabilitation and support.


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