Get involved

The aim of the Well Child Tamariki Ora Quality Improvement project is to recognise and build on the fantastic improvement work that is already happening across the South Island. 

In order to be achieve this, we need you. Your involvement is essential to improving outcomes for our children's health and wellbeing—we will soon see change when we work together.

How do we make quality improvements?

Quality improvement is about working together towards a common goal. It involves encouraging, testing and spreading ideas about alternative ways of doing things that will lead to improvements. It is the small incremental changes that make a big impact.

The South Island project manager is available to assist you to make quality improvements to your Well Child services. See below for more details.

How to get involved

To find out more about making quality improvements in health, visit Improving Together (

Improving Together is a national learning programme that focusses on quality improvement for people delivering education, social services and health services. You can find out how improvement methodologies accelerate learning and innovation, and how they can be applied to improve the quality of social service delivery in New Zealand. 

Plan, Do, Study, Act

For the Well Child Tamariki Ora Quality Improvement project we are using the improvement model Plan, Do, Study, Act. 

This model is a scientific method adapted for action-orientated learning. It is designed to provide a framework for developing, testing and implementing changes that lead to improvement.

To test a new procedure or technique in a real work setting, we need to ‘plan, do, study and act’. This means planning it, trying it, observing the results, and acting on what is learned.   

How you can use this model: If you have identified an issue or area that you feel needs improvement, follow this link for the PDSA template. Fill it out and send it to Anna will then be in contact to discuss the change idea and how improvements can be made.

For more information or assistance to complete the PDSA template, please contact