Workforce Development Hub

The South Island Workforce Development Hub (SIWDH) works across the South Island Health sector to lead and support workforce development and education to better meet the health needs of the South Island population.

In 2020/21 the Workforce Development Hub will build on the achievements of earlier years, continuing to work with over 300 clinicians and health managers across the South Island who are participating in the work of the Hub. As specified in the national regional requirements, we have identified the following specific workforce actions as our areas of focus:

  • Supporting the growth and retention of the Māori workforce to better support a health workforce that reflects the South Island population.
  • Improving the sustainability of the workforce, with a specific focus on the rural and midwifery workforces, supporting the Child Health SLA  to increase the capability & capacity of the child development services.
  • Building and aligning the capability of the workforce to deliver models of care and priorities outlined in the New Zealand Health Strategy, specifically by implementing a skill sharing and skill delegation framework.
  • Optimising enablers to support the health workforce, particularly in relation to online clinical procedures and eLearning at both a regional and national level.
  • Improving workforce data and intelligence in collaboration with the Health Workforce Directorate and TAS.
  • Supporting the Mental Health & Addiction SLA in the implementation of the South Island mental health & addictions workforce strategy.

Health Workforce Identified Priorities

  1. Increasing Māori staff recruitment and retention in DHBs.
  2. Rural Midwifery Workforce (supporting first 1000 days priority focus area).
  3. Work with the Mental Health and addiction SLA to build capacity and capability in the Mental Health & Addiction Workforce.
  4. Implementing a Skill Sharing & Skill Delegation methodology (Calderdale Framework).
  5. Workforce redesign support for the Child Development Service (CDS), led by the Child Health SLA.