AHS&T Career Framework


Progress report from working group


  • Change in chair with the retirement of Lynda McCutcheon Southern DHB, Rene Templeton South Canterbury DHB new chair.
  • Agreement to base regional framework off framework version written by Wairarapa, Hutt Valley and Capital and Coast. Looking at with a local lens to see if adjustments need to be made to document, especially around classification of titles.
  • Each DHB looking at roles within their DHB’s to seek alignment on title/function of role and gather relevant position descriptions
  • Each DHB to look at the mapping tool to see if it needs changes made, identify if there is need for a generalist role that may be more specific to our rural counterparts.
  • Next meeting 22nd July 2019



In 2017 the executive directors of allied health in the five South Island DHBs agreed to develop a regional allied health career pathway to:

  • support the development of our allied health workforce
  • provide consistency of practice across professions and between DHBs
  • provide consistency in career progression for allied health professions
  • ensure our allied health workforce is well equipped to meet the current and future health care needs of our population
  • provide recognition and development of designated allied health clinical and/or leadership positions.

A steering group has been formed that includes representatives from the five South Island DHBs and The New Zealand Public Service Association (PSA). When complete, the regional allied health career pathway will apply to allied health employees directly employed by the five South Island DHBs. This includes:

    audiologists neurodevelopmental therapists psychotherapists
    counsellors (with a relevant three-year degree) paediatric therapists podiatrists
    dietitians pharmacists occupational therapists
    dental therapists physiotherapists social workers
    health protection officers/advisors play specialists speech language therapists
    health promotion officers/advisors    






There is potential for scientific and technical employees, and employees working within other DHB contracted services (i.e. hospices, primary care, NGOs, trust hospitals) to be included at a later time.

The development of a regional allied health career pathway is also in line with the 2018 PSA MECA. As part of the MECA agreement, the DHBs, in collaboration with the PSA, committed to developing local or regional career frameworks for allied health professions within 12 months of the date of settlement and similar frameworks for scientific and technical professions within 24 months of the date of settlement.

For more information about the development of the South Island allied health career framework, contact: lisa.wilson@siapo.health.nz.