SUDI Prevention

The National Sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy (SUDI) Prevention Programme (NSPP) has been implemented by the Ministry of Health and seeks to reduce the incidence of SUDI to 0.1 in every 1000 births by 2025 by addressing modifiable risk factors.  Modifiable risk factors to be addressed through the programme include maternal smoking in pregnancy; shared sleeping surfaces; infant sleep position; maternal alcohol and drug use during pregnancy and postnatal; breastfeeding; and immunisation.

The Quality improvement Managers support the South Island DHB’s to deliver the South Island regional service component of the NSPP, with a focus on improving Māori health SUDI outcomes and a reduction in inequities.

Safe Sleep training and resources:

Hāpai Te Hauora (Hāpai) has successfully tendered to support the programme by delivery of a National SUDI Prevention Coordination Service to support District Health Boards (DHBs) to ensure that investment in SUDI prevention aligns with best practice.

Change for our Children New Zealand

The SUDI E-Learning Toolkit contains four e-learning modules with assessment, accreditation certificates and a range of post-learning resources.

Safe Start programme: Arms-free swaddling materials: