Information Services

Using new electronic systems and tools health professionals are able to securely share and gather relevant patient information that will result in safer, better quality care.

Through the South Island Alliance, South Island DHBs have committed to taking a combined approach to delivering and improving information systems. The shared investment will avoid duplication of costs and wasted resources, while at the same time working collaboratively will mean a more efficient, safer transfer of patient information, and staff, between services around the region.

The South Island Alliance Information Services is working on a number of projects and programmes that will change the way future health services are delivered in the South Island, enabling better quality, more integrated care and improved safety for patients.


  • Transforming the delivery of healthcare
    07 Sep 2021

    The South Island Alliance Data & Digital Health Strategy 2020-2030 has officially been released. The regionally-agreed living document is reviewed annually in response to emerging opportunities and priorities. It recognises the enormous potential of data and digital to drive change and transform the way healthcare is delivered. The development of the Strategy was a collaborative […]

  • Streamlining Service Delivery Across the South Island with ePharmacy
    09 Sep 2020

    An electronic pharmacy management solution is now live across the five South Island DHBs, enabling hospital pharmacy inventory to be managed within a single system, improving service delivery and saving time. ePharmacy provides full inventory management, dispensing, compounding, and repacking functionality for hospital pharmacy services, and integrates with patient management systems, financial systems, and MedChart […]

  • Electronic Acp Solution Live Across The Region
    09 Sep 2020

    News 09 Sep 2020 The ACP Progress Note provides a single, regional solution for clinicians to document and access important discussions with patients about their future health care planning and end-of-life wishes. Canterbury Initiative ACP Facilitator Jane Goodwin says it’s a consistent way for clinicians to log those conversations, which can then be electronically shared […]