Major Trauma

The South Island Major Trauma Workstream, with strong representation from District Health Boards, ACC and St John provides regional leadership for the sector.

The workstream is committed to supporting the National Network to achieve its intent of reducing death from injury, reducing the level of disability for those that survive, and achieving an efficient trauma system.

The focus is on collecting data on everyone who has experienced major trauma, transforming that data into information, and using that information to support quality improvement initiatives.

National reporting now shows that previous variations in the processes of care and outcomes for major trauma patients have improved considerably as there is now more consistency across the country. This is a credit to the clinicians and managers across the country who have worked hard to support quality improvements, and is what drives the members of the workstream to even greater outcomes.


This workstream is not currently actively supported by the Programme Office, but there is a strong clinically led network in the South Island. The network is chaired by Mike Hunter, Trauma and Medical Director, Southern DHB and Professional Practice Fellow at the Dunedin School of Medicine, Otago University. (see contact page)


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