FAQs – South Island Māori Staff Experiences Survey – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the TIPU MAHI South Island Workforce Development Project?

TIPU MAHI is a project designed to grow and support the South Island Māori Health Workforce to flourish and thrive. TIPU MAHI seeks to reduce Māori health inequities and support our developing Māori workforce in the Te Waipounamu/South Island health sector.
Why is it called TIPU MAHI?

Tipu means to ‘grow, increase, develop and prosper’ and mahi means ‘work, job, employment’. Together TIPU MAHI is about actively supporting our South Island Māori health workforce to prosper and thrive.
TIPU MAHI is also an acronym that stands for;
Te Waipounamu Improvement Programme for Uplifting
Māori Aspirations in the Hauora Māori Workforce Industry.

Who is involved in the TIPU MAHI Project?

TIPU MAHI is a collaboration between Te Herenga Hauora (South Island DHB General Managers Māori), facilitated by the SIWDH (South Island Workforce Development Hub) through SIAPO (South Island Alliance Programme Office) and Kōhatu, Centre for Hauora Māori at the University of Otago.
The graphic below is a visual representation of who is involved in TIPU MAHI.

Our stakeholders are many and include everyone involved in South Island Māori health workforce including the five South Island DHBs, the tertiary and education sector and Māori health workforce organisations such as Kia Ora Hauora.

TIPU MAHI - who is involved

The key contact information for the TIPU MAHI can be found here.

What is the South Island Māori DHB Staff Experiences Survey?

The TIPU MAHI Team have developed a survey to gather data and measure Māori staff experiences from all 5 DHBs across Te Waipounamu/the South Island. This survey is the first of its kind to be disseminated at an entire South Island-wide level. We wish to learn about your experiences as Māori staff so that we can design recommendations to grow and support the South Island Māori health workforce now and in the future.

Your voices, experiences and aspirations are hugely important to ensure the health system positively serves our whānau in Te Waipounamu communities.

Who will be invited to participate in this survey?

Any Māori staff member employed by a District Health Board (DHB) in the South Island will be invited to participate in the survey. The DHBs who are included are:

  • Nelson Marlborough District Health Board
  • Te Poari Hauora o Waitaha – Canterbury District Health Board
  • Te Poari Hauora a Rohe o Tai Poutini – West Coast District Health Board
  • South Canterbury District Health Board
  • Southern District Health Board

How will I be invited to participate in the survey?

You contact information is confidential and is not accessible to the TIPU MAHI Team.

We will be asking each DHB to send you our survey invitation via email, based on their ethnicity data. They will forward survey invitations and reminders to your DHB email address.
However, for Māori who may not have their ethnicity on file at their DHB or who do not receive a specific invitation will also be able to access the survey link through our website here.

Where has the South Island DHB Māori Staff Experiences Survey come from?

TIPU MAHI is a by Māori for Māori project. It was important for us to design the survey in partnership with our South Island Māori workforce to co-design the survey.
We hosted a series of face to face and online consultation hui with South Island DHB staff to ensure we captured Māori staff voices in the design of this survey. We asked kaimahi Māori what questions should be asked in the survey and have used this feedback in the survey design.

The survey includes questions designed to investigate and understand your experiences as our South Island Māori health workforce, so we can ensure your voices are represented through the TIPU MAHI project kaupapa.

Is the survey safe? Who will be able to see my responses?

This survey has gone through an approved ethics approval process at the University of Otago. The survey is completely anonymous and confidential to ensure the safety of all survey participants. Survey analysis will be undertaken by the TIPU MAHI Team who are external to the DHBs, and we will ensure there is no identifying information shared.
It is critically important to us to ensure your voice is heard so please get in touch if you have any questions or concerns about the survey. Our contact details can be found here (add hyperlink).

Will I have access to the results once the survey process is complete?

Yes. Results and findings from the survey will be shared with you, our participants. This will include recommendations we are making based on what we learn about your experiences as part of the survey. As the survey itself is completely anonymous it will not collect contact information. However, at the end of the survey, there will be an option to navigate back to our website here to register your interest in receiving survey results and other TIPU MAHI project updates. Please enter your email address so we can send you the results.

Is the TIPU MAHI Project part of the current health sector reforms and transition to Health New Zealand (HNZ) and Māori Health Authority (MHA)?

TIPU MAHI is independent of the health reforms and transition to HNZ and MHA. However, the survey results will provide important information to inform the new health sector. The information gained will elevate your voices and experiences so the future health system can be shaped by the information you share.

As we all know the current health reforms are changing the way health services are delivered and as we transition into the new structure, it is critical that we understand the unique and diverse perspectives of our current Māori health workforce within a South Island context.

We have a unique opportunity to elevate your voices and intend to use this survey to represent our Te Waipounamu workforce as we move into the future health system.