Allied and Public Health, S&T Career Frameworks

In the 2018 settlement of the PSA Allied, Public Health & Technical MECAs

(Auckland and ‘Rest of New Zealand’) it was agreed that Allied Health Career Frameworks would be developed. This work would be done in collaboration with the PSA.

This agreement was in response to a number of PSA member issues around remuneration of designated and advanced practice positions.

The common interest of the DHBs and PSA was on consistency and transparency of how the DHBs intend to remunerate designated and advanced practice positions.

The following principles are intended to support consistency of the scope of the work across the DHBs.


  • The purpose of the Career Frameworks is to provide a consistent and transparent set of expectations for decisions on placement and range for designated Allied, and Scientific and Technical roles
  • The Career Frameworks do not create employment entitlement, they are management tools to support consistent and transparent operation of the salary scales across Allied, and Scientific and Technical services

Application to individuals

  • The Career Frameworks should identify expectations of salary ranges for different designated and advanced practice roles within the DHB
  • Where the work identifies anomalies, DHBs should consider whether and how these need to be addressed with the affected individuals and the PSA (where applicable)
  • No employee will have their salary step reduced by virtue of the operation of the Career Frameworks

Structures and Staffing

  • The Career Frameworks do not, and are not intended to, establishment a specific number of designated positions or to dictate specific departmental structures
  • Introduction of new positions or amendments to existing departmental structures can only take place through the usual internal and MECA processes, including internal FTE approvals/budgets processes, appointment processes, management of change requirements

The South Island Allied and Public Health Career Framework

Using the document from three North Island DHBs (Wairarapa, Hutt Valley and Capital and Coast) as the starting point, the SI DHBs and PSA have worked together to create a Career Framework that recognises the unique and diverse working environment of the AH professions in Te Waipounamu. This framework has been finalised and released on 12th October 2020, for implementation across the South Island.

Click here to download and view the framework document.

This is a living document and changes may be required as any issues are highlighted.

For more information about the development of the South Island Allied and Public Health Career Framework, contact:
Richard McKinlay
Allied Health Programme Facilitator
South Island Workforce Development Hub (SIWDH)