Calderdale Framework

The Calderdale Framework (CF) is a clinically-led workforce development tool to facilitate a ‘best for patient, best for system’ approach. It provides opportunities to standardise patient care and achieve service efficiencies.

The South Island Directors of Allied Health support the implementation of the Calderdale Framework as a means of developing a more flexible and competent allied health workforce for the South Island health system – in primary care, secondary care and community health care.
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July 2020

The inaugural national webinar for Calderdale Framework facilitators was held on June 24. Attended by facilitators from South Island & Central Region DHBs as well as Northland DHB, the one-hour webinar replaced a planned May workshop for South Island facilitators which was ‘re-framed’ due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Hosted by the NZ Calderdale Framework Practitioner & Coordinator Group, a group convened by the South Island Workforce Development Hub (SIWDH) to coordinate support for the implementation of the model of care across regions using it, the focus of the webinar was on sharing experience of successful projects. Further webinars for the Calderdale Framework facilitator community and interested others will be held quarterly.

May 2019

The South Island is supporting Northland DHB in implementing the Calderdale Framework within their DHB. In February, Practitioners Hilary Exton & Vicki Prout began the training of a first cohort of 11 Calderdale Framework facilitators for Northland. There are now 12 DHB areas in NZ currently utilising the Calderdale Framework – five across the South Island, six in Central Region and now joined by Northland.

December 2018

The UK-based founders of a workforce design framework, which has been steadily transforming the way health care is delivered across the South Island since 2015, recently visited Christchurch to share their expertise.

There are currently 16 Calderdale Framework projects across the five South Island DHBs, with the majority focused on more effective use of the allied health assistant workforce in clinical care through skill delegation.

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November 2018

This poster is about the use of the Calderdale Framework in a trial of skill sharing in the Medical Admissions and Planning Unit at Nelson Hospital. It has been submitted to the Health Innovation Awards (HIA) 2018, Nelson Marlborough Health.

October 2018

This poster, about rehabilitation in the community using key support workers, has been submitted for the Canterbury District Health Board Quality Improvement & Innovation Awards 2018.

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January 2018 Update

Calderdale Framework in the NZ context – Cultural Considerations

This document has been prepared for facilitators as a guide to cultural considerations in relation to implementation of the Calderdale Framework.

Interview with the founders

The UK founders of the Calderdale Framework, Jayne Duffy and Rachael Smith, visited Christchurch in November 2016. In the short videos below they answer five key questions for Anne Buckley, Allied Health Facilitator and Project Manager, South Island Workforce Development Hub.

To view the South Island Alliance’s Calderdale Framework channel, which contains all five videos, click here:

Kartner M, Murtagh D, Bennetts M, et al. Randomised controlled trial of a transprofessinal healthcare role intervention in an acute medical setting. Journal of Interprofessional Care. 2017;31:190-198.

This small RCT looks at skill sharing using Calderdale Framework methodology in the acute medical setting. Key findings reported include:

‘Descriptive outcomes indicated that patients receiving the new model of care underwent more comprehensive and prompt assessments in the health domains included than those in standard care, and demonstrated more positive health and functional outcomes at 1-, 3-, and 6-month follow-up.’

Assessing the implementation process and outcomes of newly introduced assistant roles

Video abstract – Prof. Susan Nancarrow, published December 5, 2012.

A qualitative study to examine the utility of the Calderdale Framework as an appraisal tool.

South Island Regional Clinical Task Instructions 

The following Clinical Task Instructions (CTIs) have been published in the last 3 months for regional use in South Island DHBs within Calderdale Framework projects:

MOB-D SINZ Outdoor Mobility

If you have any queries about these CTIs or wish to review them please contact:
Anne Buckley Project Lead
Calderdale Framework Implementation
South Island Workforce Development Hub

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