Connecting healthcare learning across
Te Waipounamu | South Island

The online learning system provides flexible 24/7 access to a range of courses for the health workforce, from any location, enabling staff to develop knowledge at their own pace.

Along with providing convenient access to educational material, the system also supports standardised learning and clinical processes across the South Island, says Neil Hellewell, Nurse Educator for Te Whatu Ora Waitaha Canterbury. “As healthLearn content is shared and co-designed, it also provides the opportunity for consistent care for patients. Using the same resources enables a coherent, approach to developing capability across the South Island.”

Another advantage of using healthLearn is the creation of a single record for each staff member. It ensures a mobile workforce by keeping a record of all your learning, certificates and achievements. You can build your learning profile to use if you need a record for your performance appraisal or if you have to apply for another job, or just for inventory sake. If you ever change jobs and work for another organisation, you don’t have to redo your training, you still have access to the same record of learning. It’s very learner-centric, all the information belongs to the learner. You can access it from anywhere and can’t lose it – it goes wherever you go.

The platform currently has a membership of over 50,000 people and continues to grow. Organisations outside Te Whatu Ora can request access through an online access agreement.  Currently we have over 700 organisations.

There are currently 307 regional courses available on healthLearn, with many more under development. There are also additional courses which are specific to certain regions located on the learning platform as well – giving over 2000 courses in total, and 32 communities of practice forums (online communities).

The ultimate vision is for a single national platform and process, available across all the health workforce. Co-designing course content and sharing our courses with other districts is a start in working towards achieving this.

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To access healthLearn, go to www.healthlearn.ac.nz

For further information about healthLearn or for administration queries, please contact: healthlearn@siapo.health.nz