Regional Patient Administration System At Review Stage

19 Nov 2013

The draft business case for the regional replacement Patient Administration System (PAS) project being rolled out by the South Island Alliance Information Services (IS) Service Level Alliance (SLA) and Orion Health is undergoing a review by the State Services Commission (SSC) Gateway process. 

The PAS is the primary hospital system through which the day to day management and administration of a hospital operates.  It includes patient demographics, master patient index, appointment booking, waiting list management, record of patient activity, reporting, admission, discharges and patient transfers, alerts and allergies.

The Alliance, which brings together the five South Island DHBs to work collaboratively to improve health outcomes for South Islanders, has identified that a single regional PAS will streamline the patient journey, by providing all health workers in the region with a single portal and with region-wide access to patient information as well as their own work activities.

PAS Executive Regional Programme Manager Nick Lanigan explained why the review stage is a significant milestone for the programme.

“The development and implementation of a new Patient Administration System across the five DHBs is a major programme of work for the Alliance, in particular its vision of innovative and efficient health services.”

“This is a step closer to realising that vision. The introduction of new electronic systems and tools such as a single regional PAS will fundamentally change current processes, not just in hospitals, but across the health sector,” said Nick.

“After securing a partner late last year the PAS team, which is part of IS SLA, has worked with immense effort to keep momentum going and in a relatively short amount of time put together the draft business case for review under the Gateway Review Process.”

“This is especially noteworthy when you consider the dispersed nature of our team across the region,” said Nick.

“But this is also one of our strengths, as we represent the health boards we are working with and are meeting the Alliance’s deliverables of providing a collaborative and representative programme.”

Since December 2012 when the Alliance selected Orion Health to develop and implement a PAS for the South Island, the Alliance and Orion have been working with DHBs to establish how the system should be configured and gather regional staff feedback on its functions.

“The IS SLA and Orion’s vision is not just to replace the incumbent system with a similar one, but to use this as an opportunity to embed new functionality that can be built on and facilitate the changing way healthcare will be provided over the next 20 years,” said Nick.

“It’s a new way of working together that will reduce the duplication of effort across the region, thereby providing efficiencies, aligning processes and allowing DHBs to work towards a shared vision for the provision of health services.”

Key benefits of a regional system:

The single portal, with one system across the South Island will mean clinical and administrative functionality will be integrated in a way not currently possible, making things simpler for staff and providing patients with a more efficient health care service.

  • The new system will result in improved patient safety and enable better quality health services, while supporting co-ordinated, consistent care across the South Island.
  • It is not just about hospitals – this programme will result in a more streamlined patient journey through health services, from the community to the hospital and beyond, and coordinate care between different hospitals and care providers around the South Island.
  • It is a significant and ambitious work programme.  We have set big goals, but achieving them will result in major improvements in health services.


About Gateway

Gateway is an assurance methodology for major investments. It is a review process that examines programmes and projects at key decision points in their lifecycle to provide assurance that they can progress successfully to the next stage. It is Cabinet mandated for high risk capital projects in departments and Crown Agents You can read more here.

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Published on: Tuesday, November 19th, 2013, under Information services