Registered Nurse Prescribing In The South Island

25 Oct 2018

Nurse practitioners are no longer the only nurses who can prescribe medicine. Some registered nurses (RNs) can too – if they have been certified by the Nursing Council of New Zealand. In the South Island, the five South Island Directors of Nursing have agreed to a regional policy and framework to support RN prescribing as part of the collaborative team environment in identified areas of need. Recognising local variances, these documents provide high level guidance for services to plan and implement nurse prescribing practice in their local areas.

We now have 21 qualified RN prescribers in the South Island, with a further 21 on the pathway. Each RN prescriber is based in a collaborative multidisciplinary health care team across 15 speciality areas including rural, primary care, diabetes, oncology, hospice and Whānau Ora.

More information about our regional approach is available on the South Island Alliance website,, and includes:

  • levels of prescribing authority for nurses
  • South Island RN prescribing pathway
  • how many RN prescribers we have and where they work
  • South Island RN Prescribing Group – its role and membership
  • South Island RN Prescribing Policy
  • South Island RN Prescribing Framework.

For more information, start here.

Published on: Thursday, October 25th, 2018, under Workforce Development Hub