Safety1st Survey

19 Aug 2015

From Monday 17th August all South Island DHB staff are invited to complete a brief survey about the Safety1st e-risk management system to help capture honest, valuable feedback on their experience of using the application to date. The focus is on the incident reporting (including staff incidents) at this stage.

The survey has been designed to highlight where the system is working well, areas and opportunities for improvement and simple local and regional level changes that could help optimise Safety1st for all users.

The online survey should take approximately five minutes to complete, and is open for two weeks (deadline 28th August). During that time all staff who have used Safety1st are being urged to share their thoughts and experiences of the system.

The Safety1st Control Group wants to hear from everybody who has used Safety1st as they need your feedback to help take use of the system to the next level. 

The Safety1st Control Group is a work stream of the Quality and Safety group within the South Island Alliance, commissioned to undertake a six month health check of Safety1st. This survey is the first step within this process and will inform the next application upgrade.

To enter the survey click on one of the following links:

All Submitters (staff members who log an incident) click here:

All File Managers (staff members who manage the incident once it has been logged) click here:


  • Safety1st is an integrated online risk and incident management application that was configured for all South Island DHBs to support better patient safety outcomes and reduce risk for patients, staff and visitors across the region.
  • The application enables collection and reporting on data at a local and regional level. It has the capability to develop incident reports electronically that are comprehensive and meaningful, and help support a safety culture and service improvement across the wider South Island.
  • The application is now operational within all South Island DHBs.

Published on: Wednesday, August 19th, 2015, under Emergency Planning