Service Desk Teams Get Together To Talk Shop

26 Sep 2018

Clinical information systems across the South Island are talking to each more than ever before, and now the people behind them are too. On 29 August, the South Island DHB service desk managers and team leaders got together for the first time for the inaugural Regional Service Desk Workshop.

The full-day workshop, held at Canterbury DHB Information Services and facilitated by Information Services Programme Director Paul Goddard from the South Island Alliance, included representatives from Canterbury DHB, Southern DHB, Nelson Marlborough DHB, the South Island Alliance and Orion Health.

The focus was on how we can work better to support the technology and applications that enable the South Island to define new models of health care delivery across the five DHBs that make up the South Island Alliance, says Paul. “We operate in an environment where several clinical information systems, such as Health Connect South and Eclair, are used across the South Island. This workshop was an opportunity for the service desk managers and team leaders from across the region to meet face-to-face and discuss ideas for improving the service and communication we provide between our respective departments.”

There were several presentations during the day covering topics such as support agreements, where applications are hosted, escalation processes and how issues get logged and communicated. Discussion then moved to how the teams could work more collaboratively and share knowledge, skills and resources across the region.

Brent Pizzato, Service Desk Team Leader, Canterbury DHB, says the group came up with several initiatives to improve work practices and processes, which will be actioned over the coming months. “We talked about how we can use a single system and work as a virtual team to simplify interaction between DHBs and make communication across the region more consistent. This will save time by reducing duplication of tasks, and ensure information is collected and submitted to the required level of detail, without having to go back and forth.”

Representatives from Southern DHB visited Canterbury DHB’s Information Services Group (ISG) the following day to spend time with the Service Desk and Core Systems Team. They observed processes and shared ideas for improving the technology experience for their respective customers.

“Everyone agreed that there was good value in the workshop and a follow-up has been scheduled for 18 October,” Paul added. “This will allow us to follow up on actions and continue progress from the first workshop. Hopefully, representatives from West Coast and South Canterbury DHBs, and Pegasus Health, who were unable to attend the first workshop, will be able to attend next time.”

Published on: Wednesday, September 26th, 2018, under General, Information services