Sharing Local Success Stories

26 Feb 2018

Southern DHB Southern Innovation Challenge Winners – Oncology and Haematology Consultant Bridgett McDiarmid and Oncology and Haematology Registered Nurse Amy Suddaby with Southern DHB Chief Executive Chris Fleming.

At the South Island Alliance, we often hear great stories about how small changes can lead to great improvements. We wanted to share some of these stories so we can continue to learn from each other and grow together…

A revolutionary pump that delivers chemotherapy to patients in the comfort of their own home may be the future for Southern DHB following the announcement of the winner of the 2017 Southern Innovation Challenge.

First place was awarded to the Oncology and Haematology team for their innovative proposal to invest in researching the delivery of chemotherapy via a Controlled Administration Delivery Device (CADD) pump in an outpatient setting.They received $9000 to initiate a research project with the goal to pilot the delivery by 2020.

The CADD pump, which is used internationally including in the UK and Australia, is a portable, light weight device that can safely administer therapies both continuously and intermittently. Southern DHB Oncology and Haematology Consultant Bridgett McDiarmid says inpatient beds, hospital budgets and technical advancements have prompted an international shift in the location of chemotherapy delivery.

“There is overwhelming literature and evidence that demonstrates an improved patient experience is had by encouraging an attitude of self-care, which occurs in the movement from inpatient to outpatient. “I have been in contact with Australian hospitals who are reporting huge differences to patients both psychologically and psychosocially.”

Southern DHB Executive Director People, Culture and Technology, Mike Collins says harnessing this technology to improve a patient’s overall experience will be a major feat. “We’re entering an exciting time where technology can aid in a patient’s mental and physical health outside of a hospital setting. It’s a wonderful example of liberating innovation to improve health outcomes.”The CADD pump was one of five winning ideas. Other successful entries include:

  • Chief Executive Officer Award: The Power of Light – a tool for recovery, improved mental health and quality of life
  • Patient Priority Award: Get Fit for Surgery – helping patients presenting for colorectal surgery
  • Staff Priority Award: In-situ Pop-Up Simulation Programme – purchasing equipment to ensure staff have the opportunity to identify patient safety issues by taking part in a simulation programme
  • Community Priority Award: Instant Information Project – being able to communicate complex information quickly with a large number of people using an online communication platform.

Southern Innovation Challenge is in its fifth year and received a total of 29 entries. The winners will be able to follow through with their proposal with the help of prize money and organisational support.

Published on: Monday, February 26th, 2018, under General