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25 Jun 2018

Award winners: Dr Robyn Carey, of South Canterbury DHB, and the emergency department team.

At the South Island Alliance, we love sharing stories about how small changes can lead to great improvements…

South Canterbury Health Care Awards
As a sector, we spend a lot of time thinking about how we can do more for our community, how to improve our services and health outcomes. It is fabulous to take a moment to celebrate the inspirational people who have made a genuine difference to our community.

These awards recognise people for contributing to better health outcomes for the people of South Canterbury and we hope, they also inspire the rest of us to reach our personal and team potential in what is extremely challenging (but very meaningful) work.

The Chairperson’s award was won by Dr Robin Carey. Robin is a trusted and well-respected clinician and colleague and by all accounts, an exceptional leader within our health system. In her role as Clinical Director for our Emergency department, she is constantly looking at improvement opportunities, quietly making a genuine difference in the department and our patients. She has initiated and supported many projects which support ED service improvements and integration of ED and other services and parts of our health system.Robyn has had a key role in our performance results for the ED department, which is an exemplar in health service targets across Australasia.

Robin consistently participates enthusiastically and actively in organisation wide forums such as the CDs meetings and the SMO engagement forum late last year and has been a champion for interdisciplinary team work, respecting all individuals who make up the health care team. The night was very well received by all the members of staff, boards and sponsor organisations. It is great to take an opportunity to celebrate what we do well and in particular the special people who quietly and tirelessly make a difference every day across our sector.

Congratulations to the following award category winners:
Chairperson’s Award Dr. Robyn Carey, Clinical Director for the emergency department, SCDHB Extra Mile Award Tania Kemp, Nurse Practitioner at ‘Point of Care’ medical centre, Pleasant Point Integration Award Jo Hunter, Maureen Chamberlain & Chris Gloag – HPHE union delegatesBusiness Culture Award Speaking up for safety champions Efficiency Award Charge Nurse Managers Group Applied Technology Award Lisa Dobson, IT Trainer at SCDHB Returning the Learning Award Dr. Elaine Clarke, Anaesthetist at SCDHB Making a Difference Award Pink & Steel, My Physio.

Published on: Monday, June 25th, 2018, under General