South Island Health Information Systems Highlighted At Hinz


16 Nov 2017

South Island health information systems highlighted at HiNZ

Three key information systems that underpin our connected South Island health system – HealthOne, Health Connect South and the South Island patient information care system (SI PICS) – were featured at last month’s HiNZ conference, New Zealand’s premier health informatics event.

Mark Leggett, South Island Alliance General Manager, attended the event. “There are so many exciting things happening in the health IT space in New Zealand and around the world. When you take a step back and look at it all, you realise how far we’ve come. The South Island is leading the way in some of these areas – we should be really proud of that.”

Canterbury’s Stella Ward and Dan Coward paired up to talk about the South Island Patient Information Care System (SI PICS), which attracted a great deal of interest.

Earlier this year Canterbury’s specialist older persons’ health, orthopaedic surgery and rehabilitation facility, Burwood Hospital, became the first health care provider in the South Island to adopt SI PICS across all its services. With refinements and lessons learned through that successful implementation process, it now paves the way for rollout across the region.

“Our users have done an amazing job,’ says Stella. “It’s not as easy as just switching from one system to another, they have had to learn the new system and gain confidence in it, which takes time. They also helped us identify areas that need improving to make SI PICS more user-friendly.”

When the rollout is complete, SI PICS will streamline the patient journey through the South Island’s health services right across the region, whether delivered in the community, in primary care or in hospitals or specialist facilities.

Carolyn Gullery, General Manager Planning and Funding, Canterbury DHB, gave a keynote speaker presentation on our regional shared care record, HealthOne. Chris Dever, until recently Chief Information Officer, Canterbury DHB, spoke about the challenges and solutions in developing a shared care record, enabled by Health Connect South as the primary source of patient information.

“The progress we’ve made in the South Island is remarkable,” says Mark. “We now have five DHBs all using the same systems and sharing the same information. This has only been made possible by the strong relationships we have across the region, our commitment to collaborate and our shared goal to improve health outcomes for the whole South Island. We’re not finished, but the platform is set for a range of incremental gains that will be realised over the coming months and years.”

Published on: Thursday, November 16th, 2017, under Information services