The First 1000 Days: A South Island Report

The First 1000 Days Report was published in September 2018 and developed by Community and Public Health (Canterbury DHB) with the South Island Public Health Partnership as part of the Partnership’s contribution to the Hauora Alliance*. The report includes a handy summary document, comprehensive report and appendices (links below).

The report sets out to provide information to inform inter-sectoral planning, action and monitoring to enable the best start in life for every child in the South Island. Highlighted are the opportunities for inter-sectoral action by addressing gaps in leadership, accountability and monitoring; improving access to or engagement with existing services; improving co-ordination and integration of existing services, and addressing gaps and inequalities.

Using the Te Pae Mahutonga Framework, the report outlines the existing services available for whānau over the First 1000 days and provides key actions to improve outcomes for every South Island Child.

* Hauora Alliance is a cross-sector partnership working to address South Island hauora from a population perspective. Hauora Alliance is hosted by and includes members of the South Island Public Health Partnership, alongside members from community and local and central government organisations.

First 1000 Days Report
First 1000 Days Summary
First 1000 Days Appendices

Published on: Tuesday, September 21st, 2021, under Public Health Partnership