Shared Health Records For The South Island

02 Aug 2017

The right information available where and when it’s needed most – that’s what HealthOne means for over one million people in the South Island. 

With the launch of HealthOne in Nelson Marlborough, all five South Island DHBs are now sharing relevant patient information electronically. General practice teams can view a person’s test results and discharge summaries, and hospital physicians can access information about allergies, long-term conditions and current medications.

This is particularly important if people are unable to speak for themselves, says Dr Bev Nicolls, General Practitioner and Clinical Director of Information Systems for Nelson Marlborough DHB. “Because all five DHBs are using the same system, it also means patient information is available anywhere in the South Island, regardless of DHB boundaries.

“As a GP, I spend a lot of time chasing results and playing phone tag with other doctors, but now I have a person’s key health information at my fingertips.” says Dr Nicolls. “People won’t have to answer the same questions again and again, there will be less duplication of testing and I can spend more one-on-one time with my patients.”

HealthOne provides a portal to patient information such as general practice and hospital records, allergies, prescribed and dispensed medications, and test results, providing a comprehensive picture of an individual’s health history. It is accessed by health professionals around the South Island more than 3,000 times each day.

HealthOne has been rolled out across the South Island through the South Island Alliance. “This achievement is testament to the commitment of the five South Island DHBs to collaborate through the South Island Alliance,” says Nigel Millar, Chief Medical Officer, Southern DHB, and South Island Information Services Service Level Alliance member.

Additional information

HealthOne was conceived in the aftermath of the Canterbury earthquakes, which highlighted the need for health professionals to be able to access key patient information electronically at the point of care. It was initially developed through a partnership between Canterbury DHB, Pegasus Health and Orion Health.

Shared information includes test results, allergies, medications, previous hospital admissions and appointments, x-rays, medical imaging, and general practice information.

Work is ongoing to provide more community healthcare providers with access to HealthOne, including private hospitals, private specialists, homecare providers, emergency services and community nursing. 

Clinical staff have different levels of access according to their role. Access is strictly audited to ensure access is appropriate. 

People can choose to opt off HealthOne by calling Freephone 0508 837 872 (0508 TESTSAFE) or visiting for more information.

HealthOne won the award for Best Technology Solution for the Public Sector at the recent NZ Hi-Tech Awards.


Published on: Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017, under Information services